Massage Services

Therapeutic massage sessions are designed to use several massage modalities that fall in the category of therapeutic massage techniques, such as: deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, neuromuscular, sports and many more. In a therapeutic massage we combine these techniques to help address your massage care goals.

Therapeutic massage should be booked if you are experiencing chronic pain, inflammation, injury, surgery recovery, headaches, migraines, decreased range of motion and much more. This is not a session for relaxation and can be painful and intense at times within a client’s comfort level.

Session lengths: 45 min, 75 min, 90 min, 120 min

Long slow relaxation strokes help the body relax and unwind. Use of Swedish style massage methods are designed to increase blood flow to the entire body. This increases lymph flow and boosts your immune system. It will also help you let go of your stress and feel renewed and ready to take on the world. Relaxation massages can help with stress management, tension headaches, and sleep issues.

Session lengths: 45 min, 75 min, 90 min, 120 min

Prenatal Massage / Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expectant women. Specially designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen. Special training and certification are required for massage therapists to perform prenatal massages.

Session lengths: 45 min, 75 min, 90 min

Stretch therapy is done fully clothed so please wear clothing that is comfortable and stretchy.

Stretch therapy is all about lengthening muscles and increasing your joint mobility.  If you suffer from tight muscles or decreased range of motion this is the therapy you need. Your massage therapist may use a percussion gun as a tool to help warm up the muscles quickly and on any areas that are affected by adhesions or scar tissue. These sessions are great for clients that are stuck at a desk all day, athletes, recovering from injury or just struggling to improve their mobility. Decreased range of motion in joints leads to injuries that could be prevented.

Session lengths: 45 min, 75 min

Enjoy some quiet time in our infrared Sauna. The heat will penetrate deep into your tissues. The heat and infrared waves promote: detoxification, lymph flow, increased blood circulation, weight loss and boosts your immune system. Follow up your massage with an infrared sauna session and increase the benefits of your massage.

How therapist tiers work

We are dedicated to staying on the edge of massage therapy to give clients the best care possible. One way we do that is ensuring our massage therapists are carefully chosen, properly certified, and continually advancing their therapy knowledge, skill sets, and credentials.

We also categorize them into three tiers based on experience, education and skill level, so that clients can be teamed up with a therapist that meets their needs and goals

Make an investment in your health today!


These enhancements are available with a minimum one hour massage session.

  • Aroma Therapy Infusion $10

    Essential oils have been used for centuries to aid in healing the mind and body. Pick from a number of blends dedicated to ease stress, reduce anxiety and sooth the body aches.

  • Therapeutic Hot Oil Scalp Massage $10

    Slip deep into blissful relaxation as a mixture of Moroccan and jojoba oil are heated to a perfect temperature and poured onto your scalp. Then forget your worries with a fabulous scalp massage. This treatment is ended with a hot towel around the head to help your hair and scalp absorb the oils. This treatment helps restore dry damaged hair and add moisture to the scalp.

  • Weighted Blanket Bliss $0

    Free with Relaxation Massage!
    Need a little extra comfort during your massage? Weighted blankets have proven to help ease anxiety and stress. A 20lb blanket can be added to your massage to help ease your troubles.

  • Cupping Therapy $0

    Free with Therapeutic Massage!
    Silicone cups are used to address areas of severe tension or decreased function. The negative pull increases blood and lymph flow to the affected tissues. This shortens recovery times from injuries and stress. For deeper tissue work the cups are placed on stubborn areas to promote deep tissue work in that area.

  • Percussion Gun touch up $0

    Free with Therapeutic Massage!
    Bring your therapeutic massage to the next level. A percussion gun can quickly help bring blood flow and release tension to sore muscles.

Benefits of medical Massage

Many types of pain diagnosis can benefit from massage therapy as a continued form of pain management. Studies have shown for years that stress is the main cause for diseases, injuries and stress related mental anxiety and depression. Massage therapy has long been used as a form of treatment for tension in the body and to ease mental stress.

Benefits of massage therapy include: