A customized massage experience to alleviate pain and improve function so you can feel better.

Tired of cookie cutter massage sessions that don't focus on YOUR needs?

Injuries and everyday wear and tear on your body can cause chronic pain that keeps you up at night or prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest.

Our customized massage experiences are designed specifically to address your individual needs, injuries, and goals.

Therapeutic Massage, also known as medical or clinical massage therapy, uses a collection of massage techniques designed to improve conditions you may be suffering from. That is why each session is customized to suit the needs of each client.

At A Much Kneaded Massage, we use techniques such as: trigger point, myofascial release, deep tissue, scar tissue manipulation, sports massage, cupping therapies and many more depending on your wellness goals.

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Why do you need a massage?

Untreated pain - how it affects your life

Untreated pain wears at you. It affects your energy levels and how your body functions. Even if we don’t realize it we develop coping patterns in how we move when we are in pain. Those patterns lead to incorrect body mechanics and more injuries. Being exhausted from being in pain affects our ability to have the energy to do the things that bring us joy and happiness. Massage can help ease that pain and potentially help heal those injuries.

Untreated stress- how it affects your health

Stress has proven to affect our immune systems. Those stress hormones break down our muscles and affect how we even digest our food. Chronic stress leads to all sorts of health issues. Taking a moment to relax isn’t selfish. It’s self care.


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Deep Tissue Massage

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Trigger Point Massage

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Myofascial Release

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Cupping Therapy

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Aroma Therapy

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Prenatal Massage

What's the AMKM difference?
At AMKM, we are dedicated to staying on the edge of massage therapy to give our clients the best care possible. We follow advances in the massage industry and are constantly improving our techniques and learning new practices. Our massage therapists are carefully chosen, properly certified, and continually advancing their therapy knowledge, skill sets, and credentials through a variety of approved continuing education programs.

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